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GM: Application

Post  Brigadier on Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:26 am

Name: Brigadier, AKA The Phantom, AKA BP (BlackPhantom)

Age : 19

Class and Lvl : (REAL TOP) - lvl 68,63 Crusaders

Country : USA

Hours ur online : Frequently (2-6) hours

Experience : Joined ToP Janurary 2007 - 2 years

Why u think we must choose u like a GM: Because I know almost everything about everything in TOP. I'm very Social I know 4 different Languages, I speak mostly English; Im very friendly, I like helping people and im always cheerful and never mad. I like to be a GM so I can experience more than what I had in TOP. Plus, I enjoy making new friends and giving help to what they need.

Number of posts : 223
Age : 29
Location : USA, MI
Unseal Credits :
60 / 10060 / 100

Fame :
100 / 100100 / 100

Registration date : 2009-01-28

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