Az's GM application.

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Az's GM application.

Post  Az on Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:19 am


Age : 15

Class and Lvl : 61 Cleric

Country : Venezuela

Hours ur online : regulars days: 13:30pm-15:00pm/17pm-10pm. Weekends or vacations almost all day haha(GMT-4:30)

Experience : Almost 1 year playing ToP. Im not a noob at it. yeyeye lv61 but it has it reasons :S

And why u think we must choose u like a GM: Mostly because I have experience in ToP i can be many hours in forum answering questions. I have advantage because how i am venezuelan i can speak spanish and english so i can handle with both languaje users Very Happy. ah and lets be honest... because i want to be GM xD


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